BANG! As Sarah's head hit the ice, her leg buckled beneath her.


As her teammates raced over to her, neither they, nor Sarah could imagine that this was a fall that would almost cost Sarah, a 36 year old wife and mother, her life.

As she was lifted into the ambulance Sarah had no idea just how this freak accident would lead to the hell that she was about to experience.

She had no idea how within just a few months she would be a whole 90 pounds overweight.

And she had no idea about the daily episodes of piercing anxiety, shame and hopelessness it would all lead to.

  Only six months later, as Sarah, a once fit and healthy young woman sat in the doctor's chair, her face now riddled with fine lines and age spots and her stomach and legs now entrenched behind inflated layers of fat and cellulite her worst fears were confirmed.

It was on this day, after hearing the doctor's words, that Sarah started to think that her life had been for nothing. As she sat there, shame and sorrow pierced every inch of her. 'If you continue to gain weight as you have been doing… you are going to die.'

Sarah imagined not being able
to watch her sons graduate, or get married,
and suddenly,
she found herself in floods of tears.

She knew she had to act
And Act FAST!

Sarah tried everything to lose weight.

She tried Atkins, paleo, raw vegan, juice fasting, Jenny Craig, low fat, low carb, Weight Watchers, keto, intermittent fasting and even intensive cardio.

But nothing worked.

Those fad diets left Sarah feeling hungry, drained and miserable. And after every failed diet, she actually gained more weight!

Sarah discovered the Instant Fat Loss Formula.


  And now,
just a few months since she hit rock bottom, Sarah has lost 92 pounds of unsightly body fat, she feels sexier and more energized than she did in her 20s and she's as healthy as a woman 10 years younger!

She's ditched the baggy t-shirts for flattering dresses,
her sex life is better than ever

and most importantly,

Sarah will live to meet her grandchildren.

Hi, I’m Jeff Ford, co-creator of the Instant Fat Loss Formula system, and I’m here to debunk some of the lies constantly peddled to you by the diet and weight loss industry and to offer you a genuine solution to your problems.

The weight loss industry is furious that I’m here speaking the truth, and they’re even more furious that I’m presenting you with a weight loss method that actually works.

From today,
when you start losing weight with the Instant Fat Loss Formula, the weight won’t just melt off,
it will stay off for good!
So you’ll never again have to spend another dollar on weightloss shakes, workout DVDs or slimming club memberships.

This is the only weight loss method
you will ever need.

The Instant Fat Loss Formula method is based on leading clinical research and has been approved by physicians over the world.

This method is not only changing lives,
it's saving lives.

And now you have the opportunity to try it for yourself.

And what makes this method so unique – why our members love it so much – is that you can lose weight quickly and easily without giving up any of your favorite foods! So you can still enjoy burgers, doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, chocolate and ramen noodles.

And not only can you eat whatever you like, but also not going to be telling you to do any crazy workouts! The Instant Fat Loss Formula is the easiest and quickest way you can possibly lose weight without getting liposuction!

And this formula works for absolutely everyone.

So no matter your size,
body type,
genetics or age,
the Instant Fat Loss Formula will work for you.

In fact,
this method works especially well for people over the age of 35.

Randy Price from south Florida lost 37 pounds in just three months with the Instant Fat Loss Formula and now has the energy to play basketball with his son Mathew.


  Martha Scott from Michigan lost 25 pounds with the Instant Fat Loss Formula and can now fit in the jeans that she wore in college
And Jenny Fisher from Kentucky has shed a whopping 66 pounds with the Instant Fat Loss Formula and no longer needs to take any of her prescription meds!



And now it’s time to start
your transformation journey.

So I suggest you listen carefully for the next couple of minutes as this really will be your one genuine opportunity totransform your body and change your life forever.

So move away from any distractions, turn off the TV and pay very close attention because the weight loss secret that I’m about to reveal will shock you…

But before we go any further,
let me just stress that I understand what you’re going through and I know your struggle.

I know that in the past you’ve tried to lose weight and failed, but that wasn’t your fault.

The diet and weight loss industry is a multibillion dollar business that thrives on your failure.

Take any slimming club, for example. Your membership payments keep them in business. And so if you were to lose weight and actually keep it off, they’d be missing out on hundreds of dollars each year. So they want you to regain the weight so that you keep coming back again and again.

And the reason that you keep regaining the weight
is because of something called
the ‘starvation mode’.

When you restrict your diet, be that giving up your favorite foods, skipping breakfast, counting calories or just eating smaller portions Sat each meal, your body thinks that there is a food shortage and will then, as a survival mechanism, cling on to every last pound of body fat, making it impossible for you to lose weight!

Really, your body is smart.

Its only job is to keep you alive and so if it thinks you’re being starved it will cling on to your precious fat reserves.

This is because, thousands of years ago when we were living in caves and hunting for every meal, we’d sometimes go for days without eating anything of substance and so preserving our fat stores was essential for survival!


But our bodies don’t know that it’s now 2019 and that there’s a Burger King on every corner, and that actually we need to lose fat to be healthy.

And that is why crash diets don’t work.

We starve ourselves and lose weight quickly but then gain it back twice as fast when our bodies go into starvation mode!

And so it’s no wonder that today nearly 40% of Americans are obese! And the diet industry lovesto keep us fat. There are now 130 million fat Americans to whom they can sell their meal replacement shakes, metabolism pills, workout DVDs and overpriced gym memberships.

Which brings me to another important point…

Did you know that too much exercise can actually be bad for you?

Running on a regular basis can seriously damage your joints. Not to mention the injuries you could sustain when lifting weights or playing any kind of sport.

And if you’ve got a few extra pounds around the midriff, performing cardiovascular exercise puts you at serious risk of a heart attack!

With the Instant Fat Loss Formula though, you can lose weight easily without doing any strenuous exercise. And since you won’t be restricting what you eat, your body won’t go into starvation mode and will therefore burn fat in a healthy, natural way.

When you discover this powerful method for yourself, you’ll see that weight loss is easier than you think!


Before creating the Instant Fat Loss Formula, I was a personal trainer and certified nutritionist. I helped dozens of bodybuilders go from lean and strong, to competition ready. And I helped no end of athletes go from fit and fast to winning medals and even breaking records!

But for every person that I could help, there were many more that I couldn’t…

Whenever an ‘ordinary’ person came to me, looking to get in shape, whether that was a new mother, looking to lose her baby weight, or a fifty year old dad hoping to ditch his beer belly and man boobs, I couldn’t help them!

For years I assumed those clients were just lying; that every time they left the gym they drove straight to KFC and tucked into a family sized bucket with extra gravy.


And it wasn’t until I decided to host a month long boot camp, where I had complete control over every mouthful my clients ate, that I could finally see that in fact they weren’t lying and they weren’t cheating – they just weren’t losing weight!

That was when I realized that there must be something else, something biological that was preventing my clients from achieving their weight loss goals.

And I was determined
to figure out what it was…


At first, I did the obvious. I went back to my college books on nutrition. I pulled out and dusted off all the old course materials from my mum’s basement, complete with stacks of folders of scribbled lecture notes. I went over everything, twice, with a fine tooth comb, but nothing solved my problem.

And so I went in search of new material, in the hope that up-to-date research would have the answer. I visited countless libraries, contacted numerous universities and I spent hundreds of dollars on online courses, ebooks and webinars, but still drew a blank.


I contacted doctors, dieticians and even holistic specialists and yet not a one of them had the answer I so sorely needed.

After months of researching, studying and staying up past 3am, I was close to giving up.

But then I thought of my clients and how much losing weight would change their lives.

I thought of Tina who was suffering from depression because of her weight.

I thought of Ron who now watched through the window as his son played soccer in the yard as he’d gotten too big to play with him.

And I thought of Mary who’s just been diagnosed with diabetes and was struggling to come to terms with her illness.


And I realized
I wasn't ready to give up on them just yet.

I knew that somewhere out there was the answer that would save their lives…
And so I dug a little deeper.

I moved away from academic websites and began searching the further reaches of the web. Until one day, I found something…

I came across the research of a Ukrainian biologist by the name of Dr. Lenmar D Vann.

Dr. Vann had been publishing papers online for several years, but his field of research was so niche and his terminology so obscure that almost no one had ever come across his findings!

When I began reading his work, it was a true ‘Eureka’ moment.

Right away I knew that this was the answer I’d been searching for.

I contacted Dr. Vann without hesitation, briefly introducing myself and asking if we could arrange a call at his earliest convenience.

Before too long I was in a face to face video session with Dr. Vann. His assistant had allotted just 20 minutes for our call in the doctor’s busy schedule, but we ended up talking for close to three hours.


Dr. Vann had discovered a ‘fat-storage’ hormone that played a vital role in the effectiveness with which the human body metabolizes fat.

In fact, the presence of this hormone in the body can be the difference between a person clinging on to every pound of excess body fat and them burning through it with ease.


And – here’s the very interesting part –

it’s actually possible to drastically reduce the amount of the fat-storage hormone in a person’s body with certain foods and quick exercises.

Dr. Vann showed me study after study of his patients losing a minimum of 3 pounds of fat per week after lowering their rates of the fat-storing hormone.


I was completely astounded.
I needed to figure out how to share this information with my clients – and the world!

In a bold move, I asked Dr. Vann if I could fly to Ukraine to assist him with his research.

For three months I stayed with Dr. Vann and we worked tirelessly on developing what came to be named the Instant Fat Loss Formula.

The system we developed is the product of Dr. Vann’s many years of vigorous clinical research as well as our combined testing and refining efforts. We wanted to create a system that absolutely anyone could use to lose weight with ease. And I’m pleased to say that we were successful in our efforts.

When we were both entirely happy with what we had accomplished, I took the system back home to the United States and put it to work on my clients.

And sure enough, it worked like a dream!

“Before the Instant Fat Loss Formula, I had tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked! Now finally I’ve been able to ditch the flab and wear clothes that I hadn’t worn in years!”


“I lost over 50 pounds with the Instant Fat Loss Formula and I feel better now than I did in my 20s!”


“I’d almost given up hope. My blood pressure was sky high, I was having trouble breathing and even getting up the stairs was a struggle. Then I lost 60 pounds with the Instant Fat Loss Formula and now I sprint up the stairs faster than my daughter!”


I was able to help every single one of my clients with the Instant Fat Loss Formula, and I had new clients flooding through my door every day!

That’s when I met Sarah.

If you were to meet Sarah today you’d see a happy, healthy and youthful woman. But just a few months ago, Sarah was a completely different person.


Before the Instant Fat Loss Formula, Sarah was 90 pounds overweight.

As a full time nurse, Sarah had a fairly active job. And before gaining weight, Sarah had played hockey, practiced yoga and went for a 5km run every Sunday morning.
But then one icy morning, Sarah had a terrible accident on the hockey pitch.

She fell and fell hard, breaking her leg in two places, as well as dislocating her hip and fracturing her wrist as she tried to break her fall.

Sarah was rushed to the hospital and the prognosis was not good. She was told that she wouldn’t be able to walk for several months, and that she’d most likely never play hockey again!

Needless to say, she was devastated.

After several weeks of rest at home, Sarah was able to return to work, but rather than pacing up and down the halls of the hospital, Sarah was confined to the back office where she sat, next to her crutches, doing mind numbing admin work, from morning until evening.

  Steadily, week by week, Sarah gained weight. And just five months after the accident, Sarah had gained over 40 pounds!

The weight gain made Sarah unhappy, lethargic and it even had a detrimental effect on her sex life. Sarah was too ashamed of her body to be naked in front of her husband, and so to avoid sex entirely, she began sleeping alone on the sofa.

But the worst was yet to come…

At a routine medical appointment, Sarah was told that she had developed type 2 diabetes.

She was mortified.

As a nurse, Sarah knew the devastating consequences of diabetes.

She now had a shorter life expectancy and she was at risk of losing a limb, or even going blind!

Sarah imagined not being able to watch her sons graduate, or get married, and suddenly, she found herself in floods of tears.

And so Sarah decided to do what many of us would do out of desperation to lose weight; she began crash dieting.


She tried one diet, then another, each time restricting her calories a little more.

But time and time again her cravings would get the better of her – as is human nature!

And so after a couple of days of near-starvation, Sarah would find herself in tears on the kitchen floor as she devoured an entire box of doughnuts or a cake that could feed a family!

She felt ashamed and like a total failure.


And because she had been depriving her body of food and vital nutrients, Sarah’s body was now in starvation mode and producing the fat-storage hormone, so she was gaining even more weight!

The doctor told Sarah that if she didn’t lose weight, and fast, it was highly likely that she would develop cancer or heart disease. Her cholesterol was high, as was her blood pressure, and her diabetes was only getting worse by the day.

The doctor stressed that Sarah had to lose the weight if she wanted to live to see her son’s 21st birthday.



Sarah was terrified. She broke down in floods of tears yet again.
She hadwell and truly hit rock bottom.

The doctor suggested that Sarah seek professional help, such as the help of a personal trainer or dietician.

And that’s when she came to me.

When Sarah walked through my door, I recognized the look on her face instantly. It was the look of hopelessness, shame and despair.

But little did Sarah know, her whole world was about to change!

The Instant Fat Loss Formula saved Sarah’s life and it can save yours too.
This is the system you need
for your health and wellbeing. 

With the Instant Fat Loss Formula,
you will;

Reduce dangerous inflammation
Reduce your chances of developing diabetes
Reduce your risk of having a stroke
Improve your mood and ward off depression
Improve your complexion for a younger looking face
Improve the quality of your hair for silkier locks and added volume
Enjoy more energy and heightened mental clarity
Fire up your libido for a better sex life!

With the Instant Fat Loss Formula, you will very soon have the metabolism of a person in their 20’s.

Fat will quite literally melt from your body to reveal a slim waist, lean arms and an attractive jaw line.

With the Instant Fat Loss Formula, you could lose a minimum 3 pounds every single week. All while enjoying your favorite foods and living your life as normal. 

Now let me ask you,
what would you pay to never feel ‘fat’ again?

What would you pay to feel fit, energized and healthy?
And what would you pay to never have to diet again for the rest of your life?

When Dr. Vann and I first presented our system to a team of industry experts, we were told that the market retail value for our product should be somewhere in the region of $300.

But we weren’t in this for the money.

All either of us ever wanted was to help people and to save lives. And that’s why we wanted to make sure our product would be affordable for everyone.

And so, after much deliberation, we settled on the price of $59.95 – which is more than fair for a revolutionary system that will put an end to your life long battle with your waistline.

that is not the price you’re going to pay today.

And that is because we have decided that the first handful people to watch this video can access the Instant Fat Loss Formula for the unbelievably discounted one-time price that you see below this video!

So, Congratulations!
Today is your lucky day.

The price that you see below this video is nothing for such an incredible weight loss system. You’d pay more than that for one personal training session or a couple of foul tasting weight loss shakes.

that is not the price you’re going to pay today.

And that is because we have decided that the first handful people to watch this video can access the Instant Fat Loss Formula for the unbelievably discounted one-time price that you see below this video!

And because your peace of mind is
our top priority,

when you sign up today you’ll be doing so with a
60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
So if you’re not 100% happy, if you’re not shrinking by the day,
I’ll give you all of your money back.

This is a zero risk offer.

The only thing you have to lose is body fat!

Either you look better, feel better and have a huge goofy smile on your face every time you look in the mirror, or I give you a full refund.


And when you sign up today,
not only will you receive your
personal copy of the Instant Fat Loss Formula,

I’ll also throw in a few bonus goodies…

Such as the
Instant Fat Loss Formula
Food Bible

to ensure that you’re hitting all of your macro and micronutrients targets for complete health and wellness.





And the
Instant Fat Loss Formula Sensational Smoothie Guide
to give you a flat belly almost overnight!

And I’m giving you all of that

So in summary

when you sign up today
you’ll receive the Instant Fat Loss Formula system so you can lose a minimum of 3pounds of body fat per week, starting right now.

And you will also receive the Instant Fat Loss Formula Food Bible and the Instant Fat Loss Formula Sensational Smoothie Guide for the phenomenal price that you see below this video.

The diet and weight loss industry are
furious with me –
and that knowledge alone brings me so much joy!
I cannot stand to see how much they rip off ordinary people who want nothing more than to lead healthy, happy lives.
From today you will never need to buy another low fat recipe book, set on dumbbells or slimming club membership, ever again!

Because when you lose weight with
the Instant Fat Loss Formula,
the weight will be gone for good.

if you want to access the Instant Fat Loss Formula today, along with your two bonus gifts, then you will need to sign up on this page, right now.

We may not be able to keep this site open forever as we know that several of the big names in the diet and weight loss industry will be campaigning for us to take this down.

And if that happens then your chance to easily achieve a fit, sexy and healthy body, will be gone.

And that’s why it is vital that you take action and sign up on this page right now.

With the Instant Fat Loss Formula, you will see immediate results, today!

Our method is scientifically verified and physician approved. You are guaranteed to lose weight with this method, or your money back.

And losing weight with the Instant Fat Loss Formula is so easy. You will not feel hungry, you will not be exhausted from exercising and you will not have to take any pills or supplements.

This is the 100% natural, incredibly straight forward weight loss method that actually works.

And once you’ve achieved your dream body, you will not put the weight back on.

This is the permanent solution to all of your problems.

And if you have any questions along the way, our patient and highly knowledgeable support team will be on hand to assist you, seven days per week.

So there is nothing left for you to do but sign up on this page right now to get started.

Just imagine how amazing it will feel to look fantastic in absolutely everything you wear and to radiate confidence everywhere you go.

I cannot wait for you to be our next success story.

Thank you for your time and I’ll talk to you again in just a moment.

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